Day 141 Aug 4th

I slept in a bit this morning and then pulled myself out of bed to run and then completed a cardio workout with my online group. I almost talked myself out of both but knew how I would feel if I didn’t get them done. When I feel like making excuses or not doing the workouts I planned, I always think about the end result of how I feel after a workout and how I feel during the day where I decided to skip my workout and the feeling after working out always persuades me! I have never once regretted completing a run or a workout but I always regret not doing it! 

I did not get much God time this morning but I did realize that I better order a new journal because I only have one page left! I got my current journal from my sister for Christmas and I love it so much! I think of her every time I reach for it, which is every single day! I am so grateful she got it for me. It seems like such a simple gift but there is so much between the two flowery cardboard front and back covers. My deepest feelings and pleas to God are in there. My journal is a very intimate and personal part of me and opening it is a reminder each day of God’s grace and mercy and mostly a reminder of the relationship I have with Him. I had a thought that He loves and looks forward to  this time where I journal and spend time with Him as much, probably more, than I do! 

I did not plan to go to work today but after getting a few things done this morning, I decided to go in to help out. There is just so much to do and I know we are all struggling to get it done. So I did go in for about 4 hours to work. After work I was so drained and feeling overwhelmed and defeated I just wanted to get out. I didn’t even have energy to make dinner so we ended up going to three different places for curbside pick up to get the dinner we each wanted and then we headed to a park and ate and the kids played for a few minutes. It was very cold so we didn’t stay long. Before returning home we grabbed a little ice cream cone from DQ and ate it at home. 

Final thoughts and feelings: I am already feeling overwhelmed from work and the kids haven’t even started school and the students at my school are not even here yet. I am having such a hard time imagining how we are going to make this work. I really felt this tonight when I got home from work. My energy was drained and I was so stressed. Even Addie noticed and called me out on it. So I just avoided all the added stress at home and we left. I call this avoidance/escaping behavior. Sometimes this can be healthy, but in small doses! Sometimes we just need to get away for a little bit! 

How about you, do you need to escape? Are you feeling overwhelmed during this season and not sure what to do with your racing thoughts? Can you give yourself a break and get away for a bit? Maybe a change in scenery will give you the reset that you need? 

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