Day 140 Aug 3rd

This morning I slept in to try to recover from the weekend camping trip. I did get myself out of bed to run and then workout with my group online. Only a couple more days with them and then return to 4AM workouts!

I finished the devotional about Ruth. She ends up married and has a child. Prior to her previous husband’s death she was barren during their 10 year marriage. She is gifted this child who ends up being the grandfather of King David. Boaz comes and redeems Ruth, his bride who deserves nothing. In the same way Jesus comes and redeems us, who deserve nothing. God’s grace is sufficient for us! 

I think the coolest part about the story of Ruth is that as you look back over her life you can see God at work in her life. Even though she did not see it at the time, it was there all the while. It was a rough journey for her but it ended with redemption! As the author says “she started out empty, but she ended full!” 

The highlights of the day were my workout, doing some food prep for the school year coming and my cousin and I finally reconnected after trying to stay away for over a week. We both traveled to Michigan so we were trying to be on the safe side. It was so awesome to visit with her, even though it was a short time. We really miss each other! The kids swam while we chatted. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for her. 

After she left I was blessed to meet with my college friend! We walked and talked again. I loved hearing about her trip. Her and her family took up North and we laughed as we discussed our silly kids and the challenges of keeping up with them growing and maturing. I love that we are making it a priority to reconnect with each other every couple of weeks! I look forward to seeing her again. 

After our walk I headed to my school to get some work done. I decided to work in the evening today so I could have more time with the kids during the day. Each time I go in to work now I feel so defeated. I just don’t know how we will be ready to open in a week! The more I listen to coworkers around me and try to get as much work done as possible the crazier this all feels! I just can’t wrap my head around it. 

Final thoughts and challenge: As I reflected on the story of Ruth, I was reminded that no matter what this season brings, God is at work in my life, even during this time! I feel sometimes like time is standing still and that my life is stagnant but when I take a step back and look at the last 140 days, I can see God’s hand in every area of my life. 

God is doing the same in your life. He is good, full of grace and loves you so much. If you are feeling like He is not there or you can’t see him working in your life, try to take a step back and find the places He has touched or is working in. 

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