Day 134 July 28th

After my run this morning Parker joined me for my workout.  It was first thing again due to my coach dealing with a family issue. He was not exactly thrilled with the amount of sweat but he kept me company the whole time and then even started doing the moves with me near the end. I love the little guy to pieces!  

During my God time the focus was on prayer and fasting and relationships during this time of despair and crisis. I journaled that I felt that God wanted me to focus on my relationships in the waiting and to continue to trust Him. I feel that I am getting too focused on the doom of this situation and losing opportunities to grow the relationships that are right in front of me. Although we had already decided to add more activities as a family before school starts, I want to be focused on finding moments during the day to connect with my kids and Aaron.  This is basic psychology, when you start focusing on others rather than your own pain, things start to get better for you because your focus is outside yourself! 

This afternoon I had a doctors appointment. I had a procedure that ended up being quite painful but the pain subsided after about three ibuprofen. After I returned home we went on another adventure to Putt Putt! We had planned to do this yesterday while out of town at the state park but we ran out of steam so we saved some fun for today! It was hot but there was a nice breeze.  We grabbed some slushies for the kids on the way home.  Putt Putt was actually not that busy and we did not have to wear our masks hardly at all outside because we were able to distance ourselves. Some people had them on the whole time. We were grateful to have to do that! Aaron won by 4 points, in case that is important. 🙂 

After being in the heat and out of the house the kids wanted to relax before bed so they watched a movie while I grocery shopped. I placed a pretty large order so we can start stocking up for school lunch and I can start meal prepping. I found some really good clean snack options! I will be happy to have some things on hand already. 

After putting the kids to bed, Addie and I stayed up a little later to shop for school clothes online.  This is so much more difficult online than in person.  I am not sure if she enjoyed it nearly as much as she normally does. This year Addie is very interested in getting coordinated outfits and accessories.  Before now, she was one that could care less about what she had on so it is interesting to watch her mature and care so much! I love watching her grow. She is the sweetest thing and I love the girl of God she is becoming! I am so blessed by her! I finally had to force her to bed because I needed sleep…I return to work tomorrow 😦

Final thoughts and challenge: I often tell my students or anyone that I am working with, if they are struggling with negative self doubt or worth or depression to look outside themselves. Volunteer, help a friend or do something nice for someone. It is proven to boost your mood and you are less likely to stay stuck in the rut of self pity.  Why I didn’t think of this for myself before now, I have no idea! I need to focus on people around me in order to get through this rough patch. 

How about you? Could you use a boost? Are you stuck in a rut and can’t seem to stop thinking about your own problems? Try to shift your focus on someone outside of yourself. See if that helps redirect your thoughts.

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