Day 132 July 26th

Today is a rest day! I did take a small walk but for me that is not considered work:)  I am loving my rest day more and more. I love that I am able to fully relax physically, emotionally and meantally. I have realized how critical it is for my recovery and performance. At one point I was not able to fully relax so I am making good progress in this. This was a much deeper rooted issue than I knew.

After my God time I decided to surprise the kids by taking them on an impromptu visit to Michigan to see their cousins. I wanted to do this one more time before school started. A couple of my family members are traveling at different times so we would not have been able to visit for a few weeks otherwise so I just decided “why not today?!”. 

We had a great visit. My mom was taking my two teen sisters to the airport and one of my other sisters went back home in another state so I got some alone time with two of my other sisters while all the kids played. They both have babies so I also got some cuddles! I love watching them with their babies. It is so sweet the love a mother has for her new baby! They are both such great mothers and I love that we have motherhood in common! It’s taken a while for most of us to have kids so I am fully enjoying it! My sister in another state is also an amazing mother and is expecting another child in February! I am so excited for her and can’t wait! I will soon really be feeling left out with everyone having babies! 

Another plus to going to Michigan is that it was my step-dad’s birthday so we got to spend a little time with him and do a little celebrating! 

On the way to Michigan and back the kids and I had a great conversation! We talked almost the whole time, which is unusual for them. We came up with about 50 lunch ideas for school lunch, which is always such a struggle, during the school year, especially when trying to find clean foods they enjoy! I am so excited to have a compiled list! They also gave me some very good ideas for snacks. We also solved an issue with drop off at school in the mornings. We talked about how it is okay to assess your daily routines and find the one or two things that drive you nuts and you wish you could change and then find a way to change them or make life a little easier in that area. 

The conversation on the way home was almost all Addie. She was retelling her account of our mission trip she and I took last summer to the Domincan. At one point I looked back and both Parker and Alaina had their hands covering their mouths in amazement. I gave her my phone to show them the pictures as she told the story. It was so sweet to watch and I am certain it made Addie feel quite special! They now all want to go back as a family. 

Final thoughts and challenge: I toured and learned about a local business last year that implemented a practice in their company and actually made it into a friendly challenge among the employees. They have a 2 second lean competition where they film a small problem or annoyance or something they think would make the company better and they film the team fixing it and their idea. The winners get bragging rights and some money I think. Anyway, I fell in love with the idea instantly! I started thinking of all the things each day that could be easier or I could make more efficient if I just took a few minutes to come up with a solution! 

How about you? Can you think of something that just annoys you each day or you wish you could change or make better? Stop and think for a few minutes to try to solve the problem and see how it changes your life!  

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