Day 102 June 26th

I got up extra early this morning to work in the garage and then met my cousin at the rental car place to return the car. After we grabbed some Starbucks, which felt risky for both of us, and then we went for a walk! I love these times with her! Later we worked out, outside, with my fitness group online! We worked out legs and glutes ! 

While cleaning the garage, I listened to the Bridgetown daily. The focus today was looking at the areas of our life that we can change and the areas we just need to accept. John Mark called this active acceptance. He talked about how we have a calling to act and accept. We can change what is but we can also accept and even celebrate what is. He encouraged us to pray about each thing in our life and to ask God for what we needed in those areas or to praise him for where things are currently.

My dad made his way back down to help me with putting in new porch posts and fixing the corner siding pieces. It was so fun working with him on the porch post because neither of us really knew what we were doing so we had to brainstorm and come up with a way to make it work. He was given a few brand new porch post awhile back but never had a use for them so he gave them to us but there was no hardware for them so it was a challenge but we figured it out and it looks great! 

This kids had their own projects going today as well including spray painting dressers, a mirror, a stool and taking my phone to snap random pictures 😂

Final thoughts and challenge:  I am learning to accept and celebrate where things are in my life currently. I see this is only for a season and though it is a strange and difficult season, I can’t help but see the blessing in it! Currently I am incredibly blessed by the time I have had with my dad. We have not always had the best relationship but it’s been awesome to have the opportunity to work alongside him and get to know him more. If we were not experiencing this pandemic I would have not had this time with him. 

Can you take a look at how life is going and see where you can accept and celebrate where you are? Do you need to act and make changes? Can you practice active acceptance?

One thought on “Day 102 June 26th

  1. Some things are so hard to accept and have peace too. Have to work hard at this. What are you going to do with the porch floor?


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