Day 99 June 23rd

I had a hurried morning so I decided not to run but did get my workout in before my dad showed up to help me paint the outside of the house! We have been wanting to do this for so long! I am expected to finally get it done! 

My dad and I painted all day and I kept working even after he left. Very quickly in the morning we realized we were going to need more than just an extension ladder if we were going to get the job done anytime soon. I found a place to rent some scaffolding, it was the best thing we did! I also extended the rental truck that we had from yesterday so we could return it. We got over half the house done today! It is looking great! 

After I finished painting for the day and we had dinner, we decided to take a family trip to Uhaul to return the truck. Alaina and Parker got to ride in the truck with me. They have never ridden in a truck or sat in the front seat of a car so it was so fun to have that first time memory with them. They loved it and they now want us to get a truck! 

For bedtime they had a slumber party complete with pj’s, hairdos, popcorn, ice cream and a movie! I love that the kids enjoy spending time together like this and are excited to share these special moments with one another. I think they are really learning how to be best friends. 

Final thoughts and challenge: My routine has been completely turned upside down with my dad coming to help us. This is always a mental challenge for me. I have not always been a routine type of person but since I started creating space for my self care, I am pretty predictable in the mornings.  I am so grateful for my dad helping but I am also ready to get back to normal! 

How about you? Are you a routine person? Do you struggle when your normal routine is thrown off or you are forced to adapt for a few days? How do you handle that?

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