Day 100 June 24th

Oh my goodness!!! Today is our 100th day of isolating and social distancing! Today was a very interesting day to say the least! My day started with a quick run and the series of events that followed did not allow me to get my workout in.

After my run I grabbed Parker to go to Walmart for our groceries as the curp side. As I was backing up there was a thump and my car wouldn’t go very well. After putting it in drive, it was fine again so I kept moving.  I decided to go the backway home in case something was wrong with the car. I knew we needed breaks but the noise concerned me. So as I approached the intersection to turn left the light changed red quicker than I thought so instead of going through the light, I stopped and backed up. At that moment my brakes went out! I reversed and then slammed my car in park. For the next 2 hours I handled calling places, making reservations and reporting to insurance and then going to pick up a rental car.

Today was a very special day for Addison, we decided to move her birthday celebration from this weekend to today since it was going to storm. I did not have the heart to tell her we had to reschedule again so we got the rental car so we could still go to the lake and meet up with her cousins. 

It turned out to be a perfect day! The kids saw each other, for the first time in months, and just had such a great time! It was so fun to celebrate with everyone while trying to keep our distance. Everyone brought their own food and it worked out very well. We did get an ice cream cake and that was a hit! The kids did a pretty good job at maintaining distance but had to be reminded sometimes. Addie felt very loved and really enjoyed herself! 

Final thoughts and feelings: Today was so great to slow down, even more than we have been, and just chill and enjoy company in a semi-normal way. I had no option but to sit and relax. I am finding I have to be forced to sit and relax but when I do, I really enjoy the company and the relaxing! I am so happy everyone could make it and we were able to make her birthday with the family as special as possible given the situation! 

Do you struggle with relaxing or taking a day to just enjoy nature? Is it hard for you to be still and enjoy the moment? Maybe you should plan something and try it! Nothing productive, just relaxing and enjoying those you love!

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