Day 81 June 5th

Today is a very special day! 16 years ago I married the love of my life! It has been an interesting journey over the years but it is our journey and I wouldn’t change a thing! I am excited to celebrate our marriage today! I started my day off with a nice relaxing walk and then completed a not so relaxing leg workout with my fitness group. 

Today for my God time I was listening to a pastor discuss his perspective on the issues of inequality and race that we are all witnessing over the last several days. One thing he referenced was his life pastoral verse and that was Colossians 1:17. He used this to show that he is not the one that holds his church together but it is God who holds all things together. I loved this for myself! I need this reminder often that he is before all things and HE holds all things together…not me!! Who do I think I am?! I think I will just take the passenger seat and give the wheel back to God! 

After my God time Aaron and I headed out for our first of two planned activities for our anniversary, a bike ride…without the kids!! Although it was already 80 degrees, it was still a wonderful ride. There was no stress of worrying about the kids and if they were safe. We just slowly made our way to the shaded path and enjoyed the peace of the ride. We stopped at the same place I took Parker the other day by the boat ramp and I showed Aaron around and then we headed back. On the way back we picked up the library books I had on reserve. They are only doing curbside delivery at this point so we had to park in a spot and call in for them to bring it out to us. Because we did not have a trunk they placed it on a recycling container that was near the trash bins. I am not sure I will ever get used to this type of thing! 

When we returned I worked on a few projects and then got some things around to keep the kids occupied for the evening. Nancy and Sarah watched the kids for us so we could attempt a drive in movie to continue our celebration 🙂 We enjoyed the time alone and were able to stay in our car the whole time so it was a very safe activity! We watched both features so we didn’t get home until after 1:30! I was so tired but full of joy after spending the evening alone with Aaron. 

Final thoughts and challenge: It is amazing how quickly 16 years goes by! It is an interesting feeling of feeling like we have always been together and not remembering a time without Aaron and also where did the time go, it flew past us? This was an interesting anniversary for sure! It was nice because there was no pressure for anything huge to happen. It was special but simple and that was okay! As I reflected on the years past, it was a good reminder to stay present, and not let this time slip away from me! Even in this time of isolation I need to not take it for granted. We will never (Lord willing) have this time, in this exact way, together again! I want to be sure to make the most of it. 

Have you had to celebrate a special event during COVID? Did you feel that it was less special or more? Are you taking this time during COVID for granted? Can you slow down and really soak it in so there are no regrets?

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