Day 78 June 2nd

This morning was much warmer! I got to run in short sleeves again! The sun was full and bright and ready to warm us up! I ran 4 miles and then did a hard shoulder workout with my fitness group! The workout made it hard to type! 🙂 

I had an unexpected visitor stop by during my God time! My cousin was out for a run and stopped to see me on the porch! It was an awesome surprise! Both of the devotionals I read today spoke about clinging to the savior during our trials and offering our pain to Christ. These were a reminder that God is our hope in our suffering. During this time of uncertainty between the virus and the violent protests and the loss of life due to race, we must turn to the Lord for our comfort and wisdom on how to respond.  There are so many times that God works through our suffering to bring healing! Please Lord! Help our nation to make the changes that need to be made and bring healing to our land! 

I spent some time answering emails for work and then Parker and I took a little trip to the City building to get some trash bag stickers. They are not actually open yet so we had to call and they met us outside for the transaction. This was Parker’s first time being at a business since we started isolating. He was pretty worried and asked many times “what if I get it” and “are we going to get it”. After I explained that we would be just fine and he had nothing to worry about, he was good and just played around outside the building as we waited. It is sad he felt he had to worry about it! 

After getting the stickers we went to the biosolids and dropped off all the bags of branches and such that I had worked so hard to cut down over the last several days. He has never been there before so he thought it was pretty cool to see all the piles of wood and clippings. He helped me unload the bags. 

On the way home I got this idea to take a detour and we stopped at one of the entrances to the city trail. This entrance also was the boat ramp into the river! So I took him down by the river and we explored and laughed and he spent time fishing with a stick! It was hot but the breeze off the water and the shade from the trees made it perfect for sticking around! My heart melted as we bonded and I watched him enjoy himself in a way he hasn’t been able to in so long. As we were leaving I asked him if we should tell his sisters and daddy about this place and he said hesitantly “um, they probably would like it but I think it is better with just you and me.”  So we will just keep that place to ourselves 🙂 

After dinner I was able to meet up with a dear friend from college! We had planned to go walking as we visited so we could still distance ourselves. I loved catching up with her and hearing how things have been going for her. It sounds like they  have  some fun possibilities and opportunities coming up for their family! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. We ended up walking for two and half hours! It was a beautiful evening and we saw some awesome scenery! I am grateful she reached out to meet up 🙂 

Final thoughts and challenge: I have been thinking over the events of the past couple of days and how to address this topic with my children. It would be so easy to just let them stay in ignorance, especially because they are not fully aware of what is going on with the protests and such because we are not allowing them to watch the news as much anymore. However, it would be both irresponsible and do them a great disservice to not use this as a teaching moment to hopefully not occur in the future! I am in prayer about approaching the subject and want to be sure to do it in the most appropriate way! 

How are you addressing this with your kids? Do you have any suggestions?

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