Day 76 May 31st

Good morning sun!! It was cold but the sign was shining so bright! Today is my rest day so I just took a short walk to pray and spend some time with the Lord. The birds were singing so beautifully.  

This morning I started a new reading plan with the women’s group at church in the Bible app. This one is called “Praying Women” by Sheila Walsh. She points out when we don’t know how to pray just saying the same of Jesus is enough! He is all powerful and knows just what we need. As I read the passages I was reminded by one that I recently read in Romans. Chapter 8:26-27, when we are weak and do not know what to pray for the Holy Spirit steps in for us and God knows just what we are trying to say when we can’t find the words. I have been trusting in this so much lately as our county is just going nuts! I don’t even know where to begin to pray, so often I find myself just praying “oh Lord help!” My heart is breaking for some many in our country and I just don’t know what to do or say but I have the faith that the Lord does! 

Today I promised myself I would do less work and focus more on family. The only two things I had on the agenda were to plan the garden with the kids and install the kitchen light. The remainder of the day would be set aside for relationship building. 

After taking my walk this morning I met up with my cousin at our local walking path. We walked for several miles, keeping our distance, just catching up! It is always so refreshing to have this time with her. During these times we brainstorm, dream, rant and encourage each other. It is a beautiful friendship that I could not live without! 

When I returned home Aaron and I watched church and after the family ate lunch. The kids and I headed out to the garden box and got started on the planting. We planted tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and I am being brave and am trying watermelon! I think overall the kids enjoyed helping with the garden but they did complain quite a bit at the start. I love being able to teach them these life skills and talk about the amazing creations and gifts from God, such as growing food! 

The kids wanted to play upstairs together for a while when we were finished with the garden so I took the time to paint the kitchen ceiling and instal the light! It was a frustrating task but I got it done! 

After dinner we played games as a family again. Aaron found this idea to draw a picture on the back of the person in front of you and then that person has to try to draw what they feel like is being drawn. It was really funny! After the games Addie and I sat down so I could finally begin to teach her how to sew. She has been asking me for the longest time! It was a special time together. He chose to make a gym bag for her athletic Barbie. 🙂 

Final thought and challenge: I have found over the years that I have to actually schedule time in for my goals, things I want to accomplish and things that are important to me. For example, as sad as it is, being intentional to spend time with my family instead of on projects or scheduling a date with myself each morning to get my workout and my God time in and scheduling time with my husband each day. It may seem unnatural to do this but if I don’t, time will slip away from me and before I know it I will miss out on many opportunities! 

What are you missing out on? Can you try to schedule time with your child or spouse? Maybe you need to take care of yourself first, find a time and date, schedule it and don’t be late for the meeting with yourself…no matter what!

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