Day 72 May 27th

I really just wanted to walk this morning but by time I made it outside I decided to run a couple of quick miles and then walk one. I listened to a running podcast while running and then changed to a sermon by John Mark Comer.  I also completed an arm workout with my fitness group!  

A few weeks ago I said I wanted to look more into observing the sabbath so I looked up an old youtube video from John Mark explaining his understanding of it.  He used several examples that are found in the Bible. I intend to look at the passages more closely, but it seems like a practical idea as a way to refocus our attention to God and family and to refresh for the week. My favorite idea from him is disconnecting from any screens, technology and so on. I think that would be a great experience each week. I am not sure I could convince Aaron of this however! I will be continuing my study on this topic! 

After my God time I got right to work finishing some things up for the school year so that I can be done working. In the afternoon, Parker and I headed to his school to drop off his books and pick up the rest of his supplies. This was an emotional experience for us all! His teacher was so awesome at affirming his hard work and that he was ready for 2nd grade! You could tell it meant so much to him!

On the way to the school Parker was explaining how much he dislikes the Covid situation. He even said he wished he was already an old man and has died by now so he didn’t have to deal with it. 😦 

After visiting his teacher he had lost it within 30 seconds of us driving away from the school! I heard him sniffle and looked back and saw him crying. I pulled over and just held him in the back of the car. After about 10 minutes I was able to help him process his feelings. He said he was feeling angry, sad and happy all at once. Angry about covid 19 and he felt that life will always be this way, and then sad because he wanted more time with his teacher at school and also wished he could hug her to say goodbye and happy that he was a 2nd grader now. It was the most emotional moment I have had with the boy!! We both were a crying mess! This experience is surely going to have a lasting traumatic impact on my kids! 

When we returned home Alaina had made a fort in the middle of the living room! The kids played with that for a long time while I finished up some more work things. We watched a movie during dinner and then put the kids to bed quickly. 

I was invited to do a presentation for my fitness group about running! I feel it went very well and it was super fun. I love talking about the things I am passionate about! I was also able to announce that I would be starting my training to become a personal trainer soon as well. Everyone was so excited for me. I really value the friendships I have within the group. We are all from different areas of the country but yet we connect, support and encourage each other every day. It is a beautiful thing!

Final thoughts and challenge: As awesome as observing a sabbath sounds, it also concerns me a little. What I wonder is if I will struggle with not being productive. Will it bother me to be disconnected? Can I handle being still and just soaking up the love of God with my family? I think like anything I could learn to be okay with it all, it might just take some practice! 

How about you? Does this sound like something you could do? Would you consider adding it as a weekly event for your family. 

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