Day 68 May 23rd

I had a great start to my morning! I got some extra-long God time because I pushed my workout back later. I joined a new devotional plan on the Bible app with some women from my church and I was late starting that, so I got caught up on that. It is titled “Praying God’s Truth Over my Fears”. It is good! There are so many scriptures addressing so many areas of our life to bring us peace and certainty! The nice thing is they have the verses in one place! I also listened to worship music as I sat on the porch watching the beauty of God’s creation. 

 After my God time I did a special challenge! The Murph challenge! My friend from my fitness group invited me to do this for Memorial Day. It was really fun…but a challenge! It is a mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 pushups and 300 squats and then another mile run. I broke these up into 10 rounds and completed it all within 38 minutes! I am much stronger than I knew. I really thought it would take me all day! Such a fun experience:) 

 After getting some food I got right to work outside on the landscaping that needs to be done around the house. We are trying to get a few things done before Thursday. That is when the appraiser comes to look at the house. We are prepared to hear that there are several things that need to be done in order for us to buy but we are trying to minimize that list!

 We all enjoyed the beautiful weather! I think it got up to 80 degrees. The sun was beautiful, and the breeze felt so nice. It was just what we needed to get us out of our rainy-day funk.  In the late afternoon Aaron and I started to get the pool ready for the kids to swim! It takes a lot of work, so we didn’t get it completely done but very close. They are excited. 

 For dinner we ate at the picnic table and enjoyed the setting sun. It was just such a beautiful evening. The kids came up with a plan to make quarantine better. They plan to start a YouTube channel and vlog. They want the whole family to do it. This was toward the end of the night so we told them we would need to sit down tomorrow and discuss the details. 

 Final thoughts and challenge: When I was catching up on the “Praying God’s Truth Over my Fears” one of the devotionals covered fear-filled thoughts.  It talked about how sometimes no matter how hard we try it seems like our thoughts manage us instead of us being in control of them. Then there were several scriptures presented to try to remember when we get stuck in our head. The one that stuck with me was in 2 Corinthians 10:5. It talks about demolishing arguments and taking captive our thoughts. I don’t know about you, but I feel my inner dialogue is always at odds with itself! I know the truth, I know what is right and to focus on God but at the same time, if I’m not intentional about taking captive my thoughts they will slip away into the hopeless abyss of anxiety, damnation and lies!! I need to slow down the conversation in my head and really be intentional to expose the lies!

How about you? How often do you tell yourself lies and worry when you should be trusting? Would it help to stop and really focus on taking your thoughts captive?

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