Day 67 May 22nd

It was a little warmer this morning but still overcast. I ran a couple of miles and then did another killer workout live with my fitness group! It is amazing how much of a workout you can get by just using your body weight. 

It was warm enough for me to sit on the porch for my God time. In the summer I do this every day! I can’t wait! I read Romans 14.  In this chapter we are encouraged to do what we do for the Lord. What is right for one person may not be right for the next. For example if you can drink alcohol and just stop at one drink and not have issues with it that is good for you but you are not to judge someone who knows it is wrong for them to drink for themselves because they know that they would fall into over drinking.  If we each do what brings glory to God, we should not need to worry about anyone else. Another thing is we are not all at the same level of spiritual growth and we should accept each for where we are at. Lastly, we should not do things to confuse another believer or cause him to go against his convictions. 

 Today was the first day of summer break for the kids!  When asked what they are looking forward to this summer they all responded they feel they have nothing to look forward to this summer. We usually do quite a lot but now with pools and parks being closed as well as amusement parks and such, they feel we don’t have much to do. We tried to come up with ideas, but we didn’t come up with a whole lot. For me, just not having to deal with distance learning is an awesome break for me! We will have to keep working on this and find some ways to ease the pain of not having our traditions. 

 Of all things to do on the first day of summer break the kids played school! This just cracks me up! They also played outside some but did have many times where they struggled to find something fun to do.  It is going to be a long summer! Hopefully putting the pool up will help! 

Tonight, we took a trip to our storage bin and took a second car to take the kids along just for a change of scenery. They really enjoyed the car ride, which was only 5 minutes lol, and then seemed to have fun while we were there.  I think after this is all said and done, it is going to be easy to entertain them for a while!

After we got back Parker and Alaina had some screen time while Addie and I had a long walk.  Of course, we had a great conversation! She is really growing up fast. Our conversations get deeper each time we have a “talk”. She has so many great questions and is a very deep thinker. It is amazing to watch her grow up and make connections. 

 Final thoughts and challenge: I listened to a podcast today, you guessed it Bridgetown Daily, Colin Mayjack talks about accepting your reality to the path to peace. He used an example of sitting in his quiet space spending time with God in his new home and being distracted by the imperfections that he sees in the space around him, such as a slight indent in the drywall. He says this takes his mind in a spiral leading him to think of all the projects and such that he needs to do. Basically, stealing his peaceful moment away from him. 

His point is we all have something or someone in our lives that we wish were different or perfect. This could include your marriage, financial situation, spouse or something about yourself.  Our desire to be different or to change this thing takes up so much of our time and energy.  This can cause us to suffer. What if things stay exactly how they are? 

He suggests there are three ways to respond and shows how Jesus handled his suffering as an example to us. 

1. Fight reality, do everything in our power to chance what is. Jesus did not do this. On the cross he stayed with the pain. 

2. Escape reality by numbing ourselves with things such as alcohol, food, TV, video games etc. Jesus doesn’t run to escape his reality. He was offered wine while on the cross to take the edge off of his suffering, but he did not take it. 

3. Finally the last option is to accept our reality no matter how painful it is. Jesus says, “not my will but your will be done”. For Jesus his way to peace was not escaping it or fighting it but accepting the pain of our reality and finding God in it.  

He states this is where God is, not in our fantasy life but in our real life with all the pain and suffering and where we long for things to be different. When we accept this reality, this is where we will find joy, life, fulfilment and peace. To be content and at peace we must accept what is. 

 He challenges, what if we resolve to accept and embrace the life we actually live? Even if it isn’t what you wanted? What could be waiting on the other side? 

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