Day 62 May 17th

I slept in a little this morning as part of my rest day. When I got up I took a nice peaceful walk and it started to pour. Somehow my walk was still super enjoyable and I just continued to praise the Lord as I walked! 

During my walk I listened to another podcast from Bridgtown. The daily verse was 1st Thessalonians 4:9-12. The idea is to make it your ambition (your honor or privilege or to strive toward) to live a quiet life (a sense of peace). Paul knows that when tending to our own life, not in a selfish way, we are less likely to become worried about consumption, comparison and competition. These things can hold us back from peace in our life. We need to do away with things that move us toward restlessness and discontent. If we can do this we can live a life that will bless ourselves and others. As Paul says, when we do these things, we can contribute to the world around us, which is pleasing to God. 

We really had a lazy morning. I spent my God time on the porch and made a late breakfast for us and then we watched church. The kids played a game together and it went fairly smoothly. After church the kids watched a movie. We told them since it was going to storm and rain all day they could have a movie marathon today! This is something we have never done so they were pretty excited. 

Our groceries came during this time and I sanitized and put them all away. We have decided to order weekly now instead of bi-weekly. I came up with this brilliant idea to make meal planning so much easier and way more fun for us! I have the kids each plan a whole day of food for us, Aaron plans a day and then I fill in the gaps! The only rule is it has to be clean. It has worked out great and the kids really enjoy it! 

After the first movie the kids and I played a game and then Parker played a video game with Aaron while the girls chattet with their cousins on Facebook Messenger. 

I felt really off today, kinda off. I think I have mentioned that I feel like this often on the days I do not work out. I took a second and third walk to try to shake myself out of it. I think I am really feeling defeated today, like there is no end in sight, yet I know everything will be fine. It is a very odd feeling! Either way I will be just fine. I also think I felt bored with life today. I had things I needed to do but nothing too fun.  It is crazy how you have hope and peace but still feel blah at the same time! 

In the evening the kids watched another movie, Swiss Family Robinson. They seem to really like the old movies and shows. I love that they like these types of movies because it gives them some history of what things used to be like and how good they have it now! 

Final thoughts and challenge: Do you ever notice themes or maybe it’s divine intervention in your life? For example, you hear about something that really resonates with you and you are really focused on that thing and then someone calls you up and says hey did you hear about this thing, and it is the same thing and then you turn on your radio and there it is again? 

Anyway that is how I am feeling about this idea of a quiet and simple life. I have learned so much during isolation about being still, and slowing down and really evaluating where I want to focus my attention. Prior to this I was stressed so much of the time, feeling anxious about making sure everything got done and going here and there and everywhere. It wasn’t until I was forced to slow down that I learned the blessing of a calm lifestyle and now can see what we have been missing. There are many things I miss and cannot wait to return to but overall there are many things that I will leave behind and replace them with the new things I have learned about having a quiet and simple life.

Do you have a theme that keeps popping up trying to grab your attention? Is there something that is on your heart that you keep pushing aside? Do you need to take a moment to pay attention to that nagging? Don’t ignore it for too long, you might be missing out!! 

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