Day 58 May 13th

What a beautiful morning it was this morning! Today I ran a couple of quick miles and then walked a mile before heading home for my God time.  The sun was extra bright this morning and it gave me hope that we would have a warmer day! I have been listening to the daily meditation by Bridgetown. It is always so deep yet peaceful! They are pretty short. I would recommend them! This morning I also did a workout with my trainer online. It was another tough one but I lived through it! 

In my daily devotional the passage that was discussed was in Lamentations again, Chapter 3:55-57. Prior to these verses, the writer describes his anguish and all he has been through and at the end of the chapter, shares his hope. He asks God, please don’t hide your ear from me, you know the pain I am in and you know what I have been through and then God answers and says to him “do not fear”.  This is the hope and comfort the man needs. I need this too! 

So many times we go to God as if he were a genie or Santa, asking for things we WANT or things for selfish gain but really He knows what we NEED.  In the case where we are coming from a place of despair, begging for relief what we need to hear is a reminder that God is in control and that he will take care of us and all will be well, in other words “do not fear”. 

This morning we had more visitors, from a distance:)!! My parents stopped in before heading to Florida to pick up my grandpa, he is not doing very well right now. Please pray for him! We all loved seeing them today and it was special to see them off for their trip. We are blessed to see so much family in less than 24 hours! The kids did well after this visit and only asked a couple of times to go to Michigan but then moved on. 

Because it was Wednesday, distance learning was not as stressful and I could focus on my work a little better. I am within the last week and half so it is crunch time! I am enjoying my last few meetings with my students and trying to soak up as much as I can with them. Today I did a presentation on Motivation and what to do when you just don’t have it! I enjoyed teaching the kids again. I am not sure if they got anything out of it but at least I gave them the info for when they are ready to absorb it! 

In the evening, we made a fire and had hotdogs and smores. We played outside for a long time on the trampoline and the tree swing. It was fun to spend time together in the warmer weather. 

Final thoughts and challenge: Over the last couple of weeks I have had some self revelation. I think I am really starting to feel a tug on my heart to help lead people in a whole new way in bettering themselves and accomplishing their goals. I feel like I am gaining so much knowledge to help others that I can’t keep it to myself. I do have a goal this year to become a personal trainer and plan to start the courses soon but along with that I think I would like to have more than just a physical and nutritional emphasis. The time I have been able to study, pour into myself, the self reflection and my time with the Lord has really given me a vision. 

How about you? Have you had any self revelations yet? Do you have a dream being born or a desire to do something new and different? If so, is there something stopping you from starting? 

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