Day 54 May 9th

It was 20 degrees this morning when I went out for my run. I thought we were done with these cold days:(  It actually didn’t end up being too bad. I warmed up pretty quickly and the sun was beautiful. I had my friend Rachel Hollis with me feeding me words of wisdom as I ran. She must have been motivating me more than I thought because I did my run time was better than normal.

I became a Rachel fan after reading her first book “Girl Wash Your Face”. I connected very well with her “no excuse” type of approach and really got a lot out of both of her books. I even wanted to be the Rachel Hollis of Indiana. I joked with my cousin that maybe she would hire me to reach women in Indiana! The thing I love about this idea is helping others achieve their goals and helping them to become the best versions of themselves that God has equipped them to be. 

The one thing that I feel is missing from Rachel though, is a clear explanation of the source from where the energy and strength comes from to make such big changes. Her methods come across as using your own inner strength to fight through the lack of motivation to make a change. I take a different approach. I believe we have the strength and ability to make changes but I think this comes from the strength of God and the gifts and abilities He has given us. Because we are fallen and sinful we cannot solely depend on ourselves. This will fail.  With God we have all the power, wisdom and strength we need to accomplish whatever He has for us to overcome. 

With this being said, she had some great things to say about perspective in regards to this season of our life. Overall she drives home the fact that our perspective is not exactly reality, you don’t see the world based on what is really happening, but rather, what has already happened to you. She runs through an exercise to find what is causing your view on this epidemic and then dealing with that issue and trying to change the way you see and respond to it during this time. 

After running I did a quick live ab workout with my fitness group. Today was the day I sent pizza to the students who were spirit week winners! I was excited to do so. The week went well and it was so fun to get to know the students more! I had one student who was so helpful in running our scavenger hunt game, she planned the whole game and then ended up having to run it while I took a call from the unemployment office! I was so thankful for her help! 

When ordering the pizza online it said they were only doing non-contact delivery and I had to give directions on where they should place the pizza when it was dropped off. I didn’t even know this was happening! It is sad how much social distancing takes away human interaction:( 

The rest of the day was us spring cleaning, ALL DAY LONG! The kids cleaned their rooms and did some organizing and I was scrubbing and you name it. I finally slowed down to check the time and it was 7:00 and I had no idea what I was going to make for dinner. So needless to say it was another late dinner night! 

I was able to take a walk after dinner and putting the kids to bed! It was so beautiful. It was cool to get a picture of the sunset. I am so used to the sunrise:) The neighborhood was extra peaceful for some reason.  It was just what I needed to clear my head. 

Final thoughts and challenge: As I was listening to Rachel today I was thinking about my response to what my perspective on this pandemic is. I feel like I have a double perspective. My first real reaction was to make the best of this time, and I feel that I still am believing that is what I should do. My second perspective is one of fear and distrust. Not fear or distrust of getting the virus or of doom and gloom or that I don’t trust God will provide for me but fear of how other people will respond. How leaders will lead and how decision makers will make decisions for our lives. These obviously are things that are out of my control and I do not like to feel like I am not in control of my own decisions.  I am working through this to lean fully on God and to trust that He will lead the leaders and any decision that will be made, he will continue to give us wisdom on how to respond. 

Rachel walked us through an exercise to figure out where the feeling we are having during this time is coming from. Three questions: What are you feeling now? Have you felt like this before? What made you feel this way? How is that experience affecting me now?

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