Day 51 May 6th

I was up most of the night with Alaina off and on. She was not feeling well and woke me up multiple times to tell me. I finally had her sleep in our bed and she woke me up a final time saying she felt she was going to be sick. So it was another hour in the bathroom. She had some tummy stuff going on. She went back to sleep after feeling a little better and I ended up just staying up and took a long walk. It was a bit cold but so beautiful! 

When I got back the house was still quiet. I relaxed for my God time and journaled. Today I continued reading Romans.  Chapter 8 is a lovely chapter showing us awesome truths about our faith. There is no condemnation in Christ and absolutely nothing can separate us from Christ! It shows us God’s mercy and grace because we do not deserve these things. We are free from sin and death because Jesus took those burdens for us. We have such a loving Heavenly Father! 

Right at 8:00 I called unemployment to try to get through.  I still had to wait two hours and then put my number in to be called back within 24 hours :/ After my God time I quickly made everyone breakfast and got school around for the kids and made it just in time for my first zoom call. As I did that the kids got the few things completed for today, there was not much due to it being a recomended day. I went from one zoom call to another today. 

At noon I met with my students. This week has been so fun because it is spirit week! Today we shared funny memes. I love getting to know them through these ways! I miss them terribly! 

This afternoon when we were all finished with school and work the kids played out back and Aaron and I had some relaxing time on the front porch. The kids then joined us. Aaron colored, I blogged, Addie played Animal Crossing, Parker chilled in his PJ’s (this is our choice of apparel for the isolation days) and Alaina floated from her bike to see Aaron’s progress. It was a sweet, non-stressful time in the sun! We all played catch after a while! After dinner we took a bike ride and Aaron braved the hill then we played another quick game of Drawful before bed. 

Final thoughts and challenge: This morning in my journal I prayed for patience and a breakthrough with my dad’s unemployment issue. It has been  6 weeks now and he is hurting pretty bad! He told me today that he was asked to go to work but does not have gas to get there.  I am getting frustrated and I am not the one who is going without the money! I also feel bad about feeling frustrated.  I am trying to stay calm and patient, knowing there isn’t much I can do.  This is very similar to this whole situation with Corona! We have no control and just have to be patient and calm and wait for things to work out. It is hard to be still and wait! 

Are you starting to lose patience with this whole process, or have you already lost your patience? I think we all are ready for this to be over and go back to normal but I think the best thing we can do is accept the things we have some influence over and try to find some peace and rest in the other things there is nothing we can do about!

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