Day 45 April 30th

Today’s 4 mile run and 2 mile walk was in the cold wind and rain…blah!  The positive thing is, it made me want to get home faster so my walk turned into mostly a jog 🙂  

Today I read Romans 5.  The main thing I get out if this chapter is, because we are redeemed, we can rejoice in our sufferings. Not that we are happy or excited to be suffering but we have hope through our sufferings because God loves us. We know he will make good out of the bad things! In verses 3-5 it shows us that we actually benefit from suffering. We gain perseverance, character and hope. We know that hope does not let us down, it keeps us going and helps us see trials through a different lens. When someone does not have this hope, they view hardship from a whole different perspective, and this makes it hard for them to cope and work through the situation while growing. I am grateful for the hope the Lord gives me through trials. I seriously am not sure how I would ever make it through some things without it! 

Today was the last day of school for the week for the kids. Only 9, more school days, 12 if you include the recommended days!  We were all at the table working! It is very stressful to handle all three asking questions at the same time while trying to do my own work but we made it through.  The day was pretty uneventful overall. 

Final thoughts and challenge: During the day Aaron and I talked about how we were both feeling kind of down and not sure why.  We are starting to see some behaviors from Parker now that indicate he is frustrated.  In the evening, after the kids went to bed, we got to talk a little about some issues we are facing during this time, it was so helpful. I think we have not been doing a very good job at making time for each other without the kids.  This is challenging enough when “normal” life is in session but even harder now that we are together 24/7.  This is something we will be working on. 

What about you and your spouse? Are you making each other a priority during this time or did you forget to do that like we did?

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