Day 41 April 26th

Today is a rest day! I got up at the same time as usual to have extra God time! 

I read Romans 2. Paul points out that when people are judging others they are actually judging themselves.  He shares that only God judges with the truth and everyone else is just a hypocrite and they are sinning in the same way as the person they are judging. In the second part Paul warns that hatred toward someone will eventually turn to hatred toward God if it is not dealt with.  He shares that God does not have favorites and loves everyone the same. This example is used in the context of speaking of the Jews and Gentiles but it applies to us as well! We are all equally loved and cherished by God.  

Toward the end of the chapter Paul goes on to explain that it is not enough to just hear or understand the law of God but it is important to obey it. He uses the Jews as an example. He said many of them were quick to tell others what was right from wrong but they themselves were not practicing what they preached.  

I had another beautiful visit with my cousin! I miss her so much! We joked wondering if we will ever be able to hug again! lol After our visit Aaron, Nancy and I watched church and then the kids had a picnic on the lawn.  After church I ordered more groceries and then we went for a bike ride! It was a beautiful day! 

When we got back Aaron and I worked in the garage while the kids read on the lawn.  It was a battle once again to convince them to do something other than screen time but after the tears, the kids played beautifully for hours! By time we finished in the garage and I got all the groceries, from two different stores, sanitized and put away it was after 7:00 already! This meant a late dinner and a late bedtime.  I usually hate when we get to bed late on a Sunday night because of the start of the week but with school being at home, we can sleep in if we need to! That really is a blessing! 

Final thoughts and challenge: I’ve been thinking about the passage in Romans I read this morning and the thought that keeps popping up is the idea that we usually are critical and annoyed with things about people that we hate about ourselves. I think this somewhat aligns with what Paul is saying, that when we judge someone else we really are judging ourselves. The other part of that is judging others in general. Technically speaking my neighbors sin is no worse or better than my sin and I really should just worry about myself! This is so much easier said than done, especially since the world has pretty much created a hierarchy of sin. However that’s not the way God sees it. I have to try to keep reminding myself of that! At any given point I am just as susceptible to any sin as the next guy, and that includes all the “big sins!” We must stay focused on what God wants for us and not what everyone else is doing! 

Do you find yourself being overly critical of others? How often are you judging people in your life? Try what I did…take a step back and see what it is about that person that you are judging or not liking. Is it something you don’t like about yourself? If so, can you work on changing that?

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