Day 38 April 23rd

 I set a personal record on my 4 mile run this morning.  This was surprising considering my legs felt extra heavy from my leg workout yesterday! I am in the lead for the workweek challenge so my extra miles and workouts are paying off! 🙂 However I am not sure my competitor has synced her phone in a couple of days…

The kids slept in this morning so I got some extra long God time in! I love being able to relax and study more and not feel so rushed.  When I really sit down to study the Bible it reminds me of when I was in college in my Bible classes. I always found it so peaceful and relaxing to research and learn more about passages and the deep history in the Bible. The book is really amazing actually.  Even if you are not really into Christianity, there is so much you can learn from it and the history is just amazing.  Anyway, I finally finished Job! I know how the story ends! 

In Job 40-42 God challenges Job a little more asking him so many more questions. Job responds in very few sentences and that is to repent for speaking incorrectly about God, admit that God can do anything and that God won’t be stopped by anything and to say, “I will shut up now”!  After many questions and God pointing out his power to Job, God rebukes the three friends that went to Job speaking falsehoods about God, commanding them to offer a sacrifice.  God restores Job’s relationships, increases his fortunes to even more than he had originally, he restores his heirs giving him more children and Job dies happy and full of days! 

Wow! God really blessed Job. The whole purpose of God allowing Satan to almost completely destroy Job’s life was to show Job’s devotion to God, even when he was not full of riches and having a good life. The lesson learned is that we can trust the Lord in good times and bad.  We need to trust in His wisdom, which is way beyond our understanding.

It was another busy day in the work world and the kids had a full line up of school! They were not very motivated today so it was like pulling teeth to get them to keep working. They took a lot of trampoline breaks to help keep their mind fresh. I think they are getting tired! I counted up the school days left (including Wednesday’s that are optional) and they only have 16 school days left! YES! I am hoping it is a fruitful 16 days and we can keep pushing hard to finish strong. In the midst of school work, we joined my fitness group for a live workout, I was proud of the kids! Addie made it all the way through and Alaina was in and out and Parker ditched us to jump on the trampoline but it was fun anyway!   

Addie had a fun project for science today. It was an experiment making ice cream! She shook that bag full of ice and salt for a long time but it turned out great! She had a lot of fun. She loves cooking so she didn’t even think twice about this experiment:) 

The kids had a lot of screen time today! I had to get work done and I am not sure what Aaron was doing but it bought me some time.  They are getting way too much time on screens.  It really bothers me.  I am thinking of ways to squash this problem! I know there have been a lot of posts from other parents talking about the same issues. There was even a new article about screen time during the pandemic.  The good news is I am not alone! 

Final thoughts and challenge: An odd thing is happening. I think now that things are becoming normal, I am finding that I don’t have enough time to get everything done that I want to get done.  Which is exactly opposite of what I think would happen! I don’t understand how I can be so busy while being home 24/7. I feel like between schooling and work, we have very little time to spare. It’s to the point that I am thinking of logging my time to see where my time is going! I also feel a little like I am losing opportunities during this time. What I mean is there are things I want to get done but what if, at the end of all of this, I don’t get them completed? I will look back and be so upset with myself for not getting them done while I had the chance.  I am not saying I have any regrets at the moment, because my primary focus has been on making sure my family is taken care of and that we are growing together but by the end of it all, I might feel differently. 

How about you? Are you finding you are too busy to get things done that you could be crossing off your list?  How are you using your time? Are you being intentional or is each day slipping away from you? Will you have regrets?

One thought on “Day 38 April 23rd

  1. The more you’re home, the more there is to do! Maybe that’s not true for people who don’t have kids? 🤷‍♀️ We’ve been getting some projects done around here.

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