Day 37 April 22nd

Today was a double workout day, abs in early morning and legs later in the morning! Honestly I can’t get enough exercise right now since I’m sitting so much. I get so tired of sitting on the computer! 

Today’s devotions covered the topic of death.  The author talked about the fact that we have lots of problems and issues but the one big problem that there is absolutely no earthly solution for, no amount of money can buy us out of it, and not one can escape it and that is death.  He points out this is due to the sin of Adam against God, because of this rebellion the wages of sin is death.  But we are blessed! An answer came to this seemingly unfixable problem.  In Christ we will be made alive (I Corinthians 15:21-22).  During this time of sickness and death, we can have certainty when we believe in Jesus for eternal life

It was a super busy morning filled with lots of zoom meetings and work things I needed to do. It was nice however because the kids had a little less work because it is Wednesday and that means it is optional learning! We used the day to catch up on some things from Monday that were missed.

My zoom meeting with my students was very fun. We spent the time trying to come up with some ideas on how to make life a little more exciting and came up with an idea for a virtual spirit week. We have a lot of fun planned. I am hopeful it will get some more students on the zoom call! I miss them! 

One of my past students contacted me to tell me his sister had the virus and that his mom had gotten it too and was in the hospital in ICU.  A couple of days later he said his dad had fallen ill too and he was taking him to the hospital as well. Now he himself is having symptoms.  His sister has mostly recovered and has been released to return to work in the nursing home where she works, and there are positive cases there.  I guess they told her it could be 30 days before she could get infected again.  My heart just breaks for them. It seems this will be a long road for them and his parents are on the older side and not overly healthy.  It is scary, please  pray for them.

I am blessed and so grateful for the encouraging words I have received this week from important people in my life.  I had been doubting and struggling with some things and their words came just at the right time to give me the confidence I needed to keep moving forward.  It was the affirmation I was looking for 🙂 

This evening I had a fun game night on the zoom with my mom and sisters! We are going to try to make this a weekly thing to add something to the calendar to look forward to. After dinner we went for another walk/bike ride with family.  It was pretty cold! We are ready for warmer weather for sure!  

Final thoughts and challenge: I have been trying to remember what life was like before isolation and I am actually having a hard time remembering.  I feel as though we have established a new normal and forgotten the old. I don’t know how to feel about this. I don’t find myself missing much. I really feel that it is going to be a hard adjustment going back to normal life. However, there has been so much talk about how going back to life is going to be different than before.  Our county and state has not yet reached its peak so we are still looking at awhile before we return to any kind of normal. We have been getting info concerning next school year and the next wave of the virus. I think it is safe to say we settle into the fact that this is normal for a while still. 

Are you starting to settle in a little better? Have you established a new normal for your family? Can you begin to imagine what life will be like post-virus? 

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