Day 36 April 21st

It was yet another beautiful morning run! At the end of last week I decided I would be pushing myself this week in my runs and workouts so I ran an extra mile today.  Also, there is a lady on Fitbit that joins the workweek hustle and she has beat me two weeks in a row and I can’t have that! LOL!

This morning I hit the ground running, both literally and figuratively.  After I ran, I slowed down for my God time.  I was reading in Job again. In Job 38 and 39 God finally addresses Job and he shows up in a storm (whirlwind) to do it!  One of those storms Elihu talked about in the previous chapters. God really questions Job about his wisdom and challenges him in so many ways.  He basically asks Job who he thinks he is and then gets Job ready for a difficult task, answering his questions. 

God presents a number of questions about where he was when the foundation of the Earth was laid and who decided the size of it, who set the limits on the seas and where the source is, who commands the morning to come and then finally he asks job about death and if he has seen the grave and knows about what happens after.  

Job is basically backed in a corner and has no grounds to be making judgments on what God should or should not do.  God drives home the fact that we don’t understand God’s ways, we can’t even begin to understand.  When you look at things from God’s questions, it does make you feel like we really have no reason to think we could know better than Him! 

After God time I got busy organizing distance learning for the kids and started on my work.  I let the kids sleep in a little since they were up late last night celebrating Aaron’s birthday. They still had some work to catch up on from Monday.  The highlight of today was getting Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick junior! Parker and Alaina enjoyed them together:) 

During the day I spent another 4 hours on hold with unemployment just to get disconnected after talking to two departments. I will need to call again tomorrow and do it again.  I am doing this for my dad but I really feel for those who are in the same boat and are just not getting the help they need.  This is such a hard situation.
Final thoughts: Today in my devotional the author was discussing burdens that are mentioned in Isaiah 10:27.  When thinking of my burdens, I have fought to get rid of them myself but what I learned is that this is not something I am able to do myself but something I need done for me. This is where I need a deliverer. This is where Christ comes in to set me free, Galatians 5:1.  He invites me to come to him and he will give me rest! Matthew 11:29-30 How much better does that get, especially in time like this? I can rest better knowing that he has taken all my cares for me and I can trust he will work all things out for good!

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