Day 35 April 20th

Today is my best friend’s birthday! My hubby! I woke up bright and early to get everything just perfect for him! My main objective for this day was to completely focus on him! I didn’t even workout!  I have been concerned about having his birthday during this isolation. I was not sure how we would make it fun and special being stuck at home but I think I can say it was a success!

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the kids and I planned out the entire day for him. Every detail was tailored to his interests and personality.  We started the day by letting him sleep in while I got some work stuff done, made the food and helped the kids get most of their distance learning done.  Breakfast was some of his favorite foods! I made him biscuits and gravy, per his request and surprised him with homemade cinnamon rolls. After breakfast he got his breakfast gift. The kids thought it would be fun to string out his gifts ALL day. LOL!! 

After his breakfast gift we surprised him with a friendly competition of Lego Masters (Wallace style)! It was boys vs girls and the theme was amusement parks.  We scheduled about 2 hours for this! It was so fun and intense. The best part was working together and then seeing the end result and how different the two creations were.  We all had a blast. It was incredibly special! Nancy and Sarah were the judges and they had a very hard time voting but crowned the boys as the Lego Masters! After he opened his post competition gift…Legos of course!

After Lego Masters we scheduled a nap for Aaron. He enjoys naps quite a bit and he doesn’t get to take many guilt free naps so we sent him to sleep while we prepared for the remainder of the afternoon and evening.  I did some more work for my job and then made lunch and his birthday pie and put dinner in the crock pot. We had lunch pretty late but it allowed Aaron to sleep a little longer. It was a perfect day so we sat at the picnic table. He requested broccoli cheddar soup and a baguette and I added his favorite fruit, raspberries.  Of course after he had a lunch birthday gift. 

Then came my favorite part of the day! A family bike ride! This was our first long one. We went a little over 5 miles and it was so peaceful and enjoyable. I think we all are excited for the next ride! Aaron really enjoyed it. When we returned he opened his post-bike ride gift. 🙂 

Everyone was starving when we got back so we ate his birthday dinner, cream chicken sandwiches and curly fries then topped it ff with fresh strawberry pie with whipped cream! I only had a number 7 candle so we made due:) He then opened a couple more gifts. 

To end the evening we watched the final episode of Lego Masters together and Aaron opened the remainder of his gifts.  It truly was one of the best birthday celebrations our family has experienced. Later after the kids were in bed I asked Aaron if he missed going out and what he thought of his birthday and he said he really enjoyed his day and felt it was a great birthday. He said he did wish he could have some pizza from his favorite pizza place but other than that, it was great! 

Final thoughts and challenge:  I guess I was assuming this birthday would just be lame for Aaorn since we couldn’t do things like we normally do but it turned out to be just the opposite. Maybe we are getting used to being content with what we have and making our own fun or maybe it would have been okay to do this all along and we just never thought it would be.  Either way, today was one of the greatest blessings our family has experienced in a long time. I am so thankful! Sometimes simple really is better. 

Is there something special you would like to celebrate during this time of staying home that you are grieving? Is there a way you can make it special despite feeling that loss? 

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