Day 31 April 16th

This morning I woke up excited to run! It was a sunny 28 degrees! I bundled up and ran out the door! I must have been feeling extra energetic because I ended up with a faster time than normal:) 

I did not have time to get my God time in when I got back. The kids were already up and I needed to get breakfast and print off assignments and basically get the day started. However I made it a priority anyway and was able to spend a little time in the evening catching up on my daily devotional.

The author referenced another passage from Ecclesiastes.  It is such a hard book to read! It can be so discouraging if you don’t understand the purpose.  The point today was that God’s work that he did on our behalf is complete. Even though we strive and continue to work to prove something to ourselves or to earn our way, His work through the death and resurrection of his Son has accomplished all that matters to us in life! 

It was another busy work day.  By the end of the work day I seriously was crawling out of my skin. I can only sit for so long and much of my time was spent trying to edit and upload the recording of the junior class meeting we had on zoom this afternoon…and I still didn’t get it uploaded 😐 On top of that the kids took so long to get their school work done. Addie was finally finished just before 5:00. I am so glad tomorrow is Friday! They have no distance learning and I can just focus on my work. 

Tonight as I prepared dinner, I watched the President’s task force roll out the new phases and plan to reopen the country again. My anxiety was through the roof! I felt much better after Dr. Fauci spoke as he brought some clarity to some things I was questioning and also made it clear this is not something that will happen overnight.  I also felt good about the fact that they are leaving things to the states to do what is best for them. Indiana is a little behind the national curve so to think of entering phase one is terrifying however I have a great respect and great faith in our governor and know he will do what is best for his state. As a result of the roll out, it appears I will need to be making the family masks.  So that will be interesting! 

Aaron got his bike today! He spent the evening putting it together and then after dinner we were able to take our first ever family bike ride! I was so excited! We wanted to make it a priority to get this in, even though it was cold, because apparently we have a bunch of snow coming tomorrow! Supposedly between 3 to 6 inches! What the heck! I had to double check the calendar to be sure we were still in April.  That is Indiana for ya! Who knows maybe we will be making snowmen tomorrow. 

When we returned the kids tried something new, hot chocolate floats! 2 out of 3 of the kids like them:) It was interesting to say the least. It was just what it sounds like, vanilla ice cream with a little hot chocolate poured over it topped with whipped cream. 

Final thoughts and challenge: I realized a week or so ago that I have a lot of peace and confidence in this process of isolating and trusting all things will work out when I am going about my day just praying and trusting the Lord. But everytime I tune in to an update, I start to doubt or to actually have feelings of fear.  My fear is not of the virus itself or of us getting sick. It is actually fear of having to make hard decisions if poor choices are made as a nation or as a state, like lifting restrictions before it is obviously time. I also have a fear of the powers that be throwing their hands up and just letting the virus run its course killing who it will and them no longer caring for the people of our country.

To alleviate this I have tried to watch less and only watch when there are really important updates. I also text my cousin during the updates that I watch, we are good at keeping each other grounded and focused on what we know to be true and that is God’s got us!! 

Are you fearful?  Does watching or reading the news give you anxiety? Maybe you can scale it back a little to give your mind a break.  Maybe you can text someone who is like minded to keep you grounded?

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