Day 26 April 12th

I had another successful long run under the beautiful sunrise! It was not as cold as yesterday and the brisk air felt refreshing.  

By time I returned the kids were up and ready to go for the day! Because it’s Saturday I made pancakes.  I usually make either pancakes, waffles or french toast. I am thankful to Cotsco for the bulk box of Kodiak Protein pancake/waffle mix:) I always make extra to freeze! 

After breakfast Addie had a special delivery! One of my students works at Walmart and I called in a favor for her to pick up the bike if it were ever in stock and she texted me and said they delivered it on our front porch! It was a sweet surprise for her! Then of course she wanted to give it a spin around the block so I rode with her! While we were riding my chain fell off 😦 I wondered if I had installed it correctly, obviously not! LOL.  

So we had our first awkward social distancing experience.  A man that was working on his lawn saw that I was trying to fix it and came right over to help.  He just dove right in touching my bike and fixing the problem. I looked at Addie and she had the funniest look. Something like, oh no what do we do?, what if he’s sick and that’s really nice of him! HAHA! I just stepped back and gave him space and then we headed right home to hand wash and sanitize:) Yes we made it home and he told me how to fix the problem so I made some adjustments and it is good to go!   It is so sad we have to be concerned about our health just from someone wanting to help! UGH! 

Apparently while Addie and I were on our bike ride, Parker and Alaina made a comfy home in the bike box.  They even requested for the top to be taped down. They must really be feeling bored! 

 After fixing my bike all the kids wanted to go for a bike ride so we headed to the hill so they could ride down it over and over again! Addie loves her bike so much and of course so does Alaina. She wants the same exact one when we get her new one.

In the afternoon we rented the Trolls 2 movie which was to be released in theatres this month but they released it to the streaming services to be rented.  It was cheaper than us all going to the movies to see it, which is what we planned to do, so it was a win! I mowed the lawn during the movie. This is the second time within a few days! You can really tell spring is here!  After the movie and mowing, Addie and I went back to work on her room. Today she learned how to measure, cut and install peel n’ stick wallpaper. She did not enjoy this as much as yesterday’s work but we still loved our time together and she is absolutely excited to get moved back into her new looking room! 

While Addie and I worked Alaina got to meet up with her friends on kids messenger! She really needed that time with them! She really enjoyed seeing them and gave them a tour of the whole house. LOL. 

When I got finished with the wallpaper and ready to move on to the next project, I decided to join Aaron on the porch while the kids rode their bikes back and forth.  This is a big decision for me. It is not very often I chose to stop working to spend time with Aaron. He is neglected a lot, this is something I am working on. Eventually the kids asked me to play “keep the ball off the ground”.  It was so nice to spend the time playing with the kids. Pre-virus I really had a hard time slowing down enough to “play” with them. The kids would even say “mommy doesn’t know how to play”. I used to have a very playful spirit, I don’t know what happend.  I became a very serious, only business and keep busy type of person. I am using this time to slow down and practice playing, relaxing and choosing to spend time with Aaron. This is so much harder than it seems. 

After dinner, the kids and Aaron tried something new! We tried to recreate the fried ice cream we had once at a local mexican restaurant…without the fried part 🙂 They had a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar topped with a bit of whipped cream.  It was a hit! We had never thought of this as an option before! We have a lot of vanilla ice cream and not toppings so we are getting creative! 

After the kids were in bed Aaron and I sat and prepped the kids Easter baskets, if that is what you can call them.  LOL they really are cardboard boxes with little stuff in them. I don’t have any baskets apparently! I made dough for donuts in the morning and boiled the eggs for decorating eggs. We will be staying home for Easter, per government guidelines, but we are going to make the most of it and celebrate that Jesus died and rose again! 

Final thoughts and challenge: As we are nearing 4 weeks of being isolated, I am realizing how much I have missed out on with my family and how disconnected from my relationships I have been. Although this virus has been so devastating, I am praying that people are able to make the most of it and search themselves and really find what has been holding them back or find areas that they need to change and start working on that.  There is no better time! I know I will continue to do this! 

How about you? Have you noticed anything about yourself that you have been ignoring for a long time or maybe didn’t realize how bad it had gotten? Could you make some time to reflect and start working on the ugly things about yourself that you want to change? 

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