Day 21 April 6th

This morning I got my workout done as well as my God time and then was able to clean up and get some laundry going before the kids came down! I love the early morning! I am telling you, I did not know what I was missing before I found 4:30-5:00 in the morning! I used to be a late night person and never felt this good! 

My mornings are a time where I can take care of myself. I focus on the care of my body, mind and my spirit.  I can focus and take control of my day (well plan to anyway) and feel energized before anyone even wakes up. Not only have I been able to reach my physical fitness goals during this time but also my personal relationship with the Lord has gotten so much stronger but   my anxiety has decreased and my faith has increased. If you have not yet established a routine for your daily life, now would be a great time to practice!! If you need any advice on how to start this or some first steps please contact me! 

Today we were spending time getting back into the swing of things for distance learning. The kids were less than thrilled but after a couple of days they will be right back into the groove. Most of the time a break makes school worse than if we would have just kept going. 

I had my daily Zoom meeting with my students today.  They said they were all doing ok and did not do much for Spring break.  Some say they are about to go crazy from staying in. While I was talking with the kids I ran into one of my seniors who lives on my street and he said they just found out his mom has covid. I felt so bad for him.  He said they are doing the best they can and he’s trying to stay healthy. All of a sudden it seems more real now that I know it is a quarter of a mile down the road.    

The governor announced today that all retail stores will now be curbside only effective in 24 hours!! So Aaron insisted I get one more order from Costco. I am now confident that we are set for a month!  Sarah also ordered some things from Target and Fresh Thyme. 

Nancy said the president announced that there is a chance New York might be hitting their curve but we will have to wait and see. From what we are being told our curve is still a couple of weeks away.  I am praying it is not as bad as what they think it will be! 

This evening I was able to have a walk alone with Alaina. We had a long conversation about how good being outside was for our minds and body and emotional well being. She was complaining earlier when I made her go outside. She wanted to stay inside and be on her tablet. She had already done way too much of that! We had a very enjoyable walk and good conversation. I love alone time with the kids❤️

Before our family walk I snapped a couple of pictures of the signs of life I talked about yesterday.  They bring a smile to my face when I look at them out my window or from my porch. I hope they bring you joy too! 

On our walk, the kids wanted to head to the hill again so they could go down it with their bikes. On the way there Addie’s bike tire popped but we kept going.  When we made it to the Parker was the first to zoom down the hill. I was so proud of him. He has been so brave lately! Alaina then tired it and then Addie used Alaina’s bike to go down.  They played a long time again on the hill. They seem to really like it there. While they played, Aaron found a bike online for Addie and ordered it 🙂 By the time we returned home we only had time to put away our grocery delivery, make dinner, eat and then off to bed for the kids.  

Final thoughts and challenge: I offered to tuck the kids in alone tonight because I could tell Aaron needed to go to bed! He is starting to struggle and I need him to be well rested and healthy so we can get through this together! As I was tucking in Parker and Alaina, I asked if they had any prayer request.  Parker said “Pray that the virus will go away fast” and then he said “Oh no mommy! Is the virus in Michigan?” I told him yes. He then was very concerned about all our family in Michigan and insisted we pray for them. When I was putting Addie to bed she said that she doesn’t feel right and that life feels so different and like something is off or wrong.  I explained to her that this shouldn’t feel right, it is not right. The way we have to live right now is not the norm and it is strange for all of us.  

I feel this is all so hard to take in as adults, we can’t even wrap our minds around it. Oh, what it must be like to be a child trying to understand.  How confusing and scary! Talking to them tonight was a reminder that I need to keep checking in with them and making sure they don’t have unanswered questions. 

If you have children or siblings, are you checking in with them? Are they struggling and need help?  Take some time to talk with them to be sure they are doing okay. I know it is hard to do this when we are struggling ourselves.  

2 thoughts on “Day 21 April 6th

  1. I’ll be praying for Addie Sue! I think each year that passes I find myself noticing things coming to life in Spring more and more. It seems so miraculous, doesn’t it?


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