Day 15 March 31st

I slept in! Almost a full 8 hours of sleep! I feel great LOL! Today since I slept in I ran after getting the kids breakfast.  After my run and shower, my brain was so much clearer and I was feeling more like myself again. 

My God time today was not as peaceful as normal since I did it later after the kids were up.  In my devotional the author used a verse, Ps 51:12. In this verse it says “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous spirit.” I was really stuck on “restore to me the joy of your salvation.”  This kept ringing in my head. I think sometimes when I feel down, depressed and distracted by all the things in my life that I dislike, I forget the simple fact that I have one thing that brings the ultimate joy and that is the salvation of the Lord.  If I have nothing else, I have this. I want to remember this when I am struggling and can’t seem to get my bearings.  

Today I spent a lot of time working out some things for my dad.  He has been needing my help with sorting out some of his medical bills and such and it is very time consuming.  As a result I ended up having a half hour long phone conversation with him that was very enjoyable! This never happens so I felt blessed!  Also as a bonus, while I was making kids lunch my sister called me on facetime and I was able to see her and my baby nephew and talk for a long time. AND I had a friend text me to see how I was doing! I felt very loved! 

In the afternoon we watched old home videos with kids that we found on some old phones.  It was such a special time. My heart melted looking back at them as babies and toddlers. Part of me was torn up about how fast time goes and how quickly their innocence goes away.  I think they enjoyed seeing themselves at such a young age. Parker was funny, he was emotionally hurt that he was not in some of the pictures and videos (from before he was born) saying “it’s not fair, I don’t like it!” LOL 

Parker played with his new legos that he got from our online shopping spree and the girls and I did hair with the new donut hair bun thing they asked for.  I also had gotten them a book from the library with a bunch of different ways to do hair. It was fun to have another girly activity with just us three. Something our pre-virus busy life would not have allotted too much time for. 

Before dinner we took our daily walk (I am not making this mandatory, rain or shine:)).  We walked to the parking lot of our local pool so Parker could play with his fast RC car and Addie could bounce her basketball.  She was very creative and used the hadnicapped signs as a goal for basketball! I think my kids are learning more about creative play during this situation than ever before! I love that! 

At dinner Nancy suggested, for our prayer, that we each went around the table and prayed for everyone in the world with our name.  This was a cool idea I thought. For tomorrow she suggested using a family member’s name (not in our house of course). So all you Nancy’s, Sarah’s, Aaron’s, Jenni’s, Addie’s, Alaina’s and Parker’s out there, you have been prayed for!!! 🙂 

Final thoughts and challenge:  Yesterday as I was listening to the task force’s update, I was stricken with grief and sadness.  The stats they are sharing are so devastating, and they haven’t even happened yet! They were suggesting that if we all do what we are supposed to do (almost perfectly) then we can keep the death toll down to between 100,000 and 200,000 for the US.  This is insane! Especially considering we are just above 4,000 deaths now! This means over the next month or two we are going to see so many people die. My heart breaks. They then explained the tragedy that will befall on us and that we should be prepared for this death toll.  How does one prepare for this? How do you even fathom something so extreme?  

We need to continually be making contact with our loved ones, surrounding ourselves with positive influence and encouraging one another.  Check in with yourself at least once a day. Are you doing okay? Do you need to reach out to someone to get things off your chest or to share your fears?  If so, do it! We are not meant to do this alone. We are not meant to do this at all for that matter but please find someone to share this experience with!  Stay safe. 

2 thoughts on “Day 15 March 31st

  1. I’m glad you got more sleep! Thank you so much for all the work you do for Dad!! My kids LOVE watching old home videos. We have the same problem with not all the kids being in all the videos haha

    Good job on the girls’ hair, they look great!

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