Day 12 March 28th

Today was a rest day for me so I got up early to have some extra God time. I read Job 16.  Job calls his friends out on not being kind, compassionate and encouraging. He even points out that if they were in the same boat he would strengthen them with his words and comfort them and this would relieve their grief. He is now pleading with God for relief recognizing he has no wise counsel from his friends.  I believe he is getting closer to drawing near to God again to save him rather than sitting in his grief.  

I was in a funk all day. I was having a hard time emotionally in the afternoon and was trying to sort things out in my mind.  This seems to always happen on my non-workout days. I had a real lack of focus and motivation. A wise coach once explained to me that motivation is a feeling and we cannot let our feelings dictate what we do so to try to regain some focus, I called in Aaron to help me get my thoughts sorted out.  He even made a list for me! After that I felt better enough to move on.  

I also have been noticing that people on Facebook are starting to really struggle with loneliness, boredom and depression.  Most others around me have been in isolation for about a week. I think this is part of my problem today. I love being home with my family but there are times when I wonder how long this will last and then my mind gets out of control with what if’s and, well, you know how that goes. 

While I was working through my emotional issues the kids played Boxcar Children again and made Bella her very own dog house. 

I had a wonderful phone conversation with my coach, the one that was telling me about motivation ;).  It was so encouraging and she is really trying to encourage others during this pandemic. It was nice to compare notes and get some advice from her.   

The evening was filled with homemade pizzas, Alaina helped! As we ate we watched “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” followed by a game of Would you Rather.  The kids loved the movie and are excited to watch the sequel. We love exposing the kids to our childhood experiences! Now that we have more time, this will be happening often! 🙂

Final thoughts and challenge:  There are so many struggling right now, maybe you are one of them.  I feel that it is everyone’s responsibility to help each other through this time. We need to be compassionate, understanding and encouraging to one another (unlike Job’s friend Eliphaz).  Let’s reach out to someone we know and make sure they are ok. Send someone a card or letter in the mail or even Face Time them. Let’s do our part to help others in this distressing time! 

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