Day 5 March 21st

Today I allowed myself to sleep in because this cold is kicking my butt (don’t worry there are no symptoms of COVID-19 lol) and it is a rest day for me.  A rest day means different things to different people. For me when I say a rest day, I am referring to a day without workouts and running. I try to build in one rest day a week and sometimes I end up running or working out anyway because I enjoy it and it is my hobby.  

A couple of years ago (around the time I stumbled across the clean eating challenge I told you about) I started a new way of living in regards to working out.  I have always been into fitness. I was a three sport athlete in high school, played volleyball in college and then started really enjoying running after college but two years ago I found something that has changed my life, weight lifting! My trainer, who works from an online platform. has been amazing and has been instrumental in transforming my routines and mindset causing my body, mind and soul to be the healthiest it has ever been! I am part of a fitness community that is so amazing and supportive! If you are interested in learning more please let me know! It will change your life forever! Best thing I have ever done for myself 🙂

I realized as I laid in bed yesterday morning, 4 hours after I am normally awake, that I did not have to worry about the fact that I missed out on 4 hours of productivity.  There was no pressure to make every second of the day productive during the weekend because we will have many more days like this and my body needed the sleep, why not take care of it right?  Why do I have such a need to be productive 100% of the time, even when I am neglecting myself and those around me? I don’t know the answer to this but I am going to resist this way of thinking during this isolation process.  Let’s just see what happens. 🙂 

After getting up I had the opportunity to cuddle a bit with Parker and have some good conversation, something that I wouldn’t have been so relaxed about two weeks ago.  I just felt myself melting into our time together. I (hopefully) will never have this opportunity or be forced to slow down this much in life again. I am starting to soak it up.  

After breakfast I had my God time. I’m in chapter 6. Job seemed to be pretty upset with the unwise words of his friends and had excuses as to why he has the right to be upset. He mentioned that beyond the pain from losing his kids, wealth and health, he was most disturbed by the loss of fellowship with God. This is true in our own lives I think, when we are disconnected from God, we have the most pain. We have to work to keep that connection during our trials. He never leaves us, we just forget he is there when we are blinded by pain and affliction.

As a bonus, God really blessed me with the words from my daily devotional (The Mockingbird Devotional: Good News For Everyday). It was based out of Psalms 27:12-14. When we are under pressure we go into fight or flight and in our society if we choose not to fight but to wait or flee we are viewed as weak. That is not what God says. Some things require us to wait and rest in the lord. This virus situation is one of those. It takes strength and courage to wait and trust in the lord.

Throughout most of the day everyone just played and did whatever they felt led to do 🙂  Of course video games with daddy was on the top of the list! I was able to get a couple of projects done that I have been wanting to do.  I also spend FOREVER shopping online to have our groceries delivered UGH! More on that Monday! In the afternoon my coach had a group workout live online that I decided to do (on my rest day:)) and Addie joined me for part of it.  She really has a desire to learn to workout and I haven’t made the time to help her. I am hoping to use this time to help her with her fitness goals! Overall it was a pretty relaxed and lazy weekend day. I cannot tell you the last time that happened! 

Parker playing games with Aaron

Final thoughts and challenge: Tonight Parker was so upset at bedtime. He really wanted to lay in our bed to sleep because he was having some fears. Even though we were not in there with him, it still brings him security and comfort to fall asleep in our bed.  Normally we are pretty strict about making him at least start out in his bed to fall asleep but given the situation we allowed him to lay in our bed. By the time I went to bed he was fast asleep however I was still able to enjoy a few minutes of watching him sleep peacefully while the world around us was in chaos.

As I watched him, I was reflecting on my devotion from the morning. I must be patient and look upon the Lord’s goodness in this. It is his goodness that gives me strength to wait when

we don’t have the answers and fear is all around us.  My challenge to you today is to ask yourself, where are you fighting in your life when you should be trusting and waiting? What would it look like to sit back, be strong, take courage and wait for the Lord?  Also, if you just want some encouragement I would read the whole chapter of Psalms 27.  It is good! 

SO blessed to enjoy this moment

One thought on “Day 5 March 21st

  1. I’ll be thinking about your question today. I’ve been fighting a lot of mental battles lately that I wouldn’t have to if I would just get in the Word and meditate on what He says. I need to come at it from the offensive instead of defensive.

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