Meet the Wallace's

We are the Wallace Family.  On any given day we are odd enough and have a crazy life but now that our life has been shut off, shaken up and turned upside down, I have a feeling it will be even more entertaining. This family closed in for 6 weeks in the same house…LORD HELP US ALL!

 Let me introduce you to the fam.  There are 7 of us in total. My husband and I moved our family into the house about 5 and half years ago to care for my father in law who was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Within three months, he had passed, and we had made a promise to care for my mother in law until she enters the gates of heaven. So, since then we have been in the same house caring for her.  When we moved in my husband’s sister was also living here, so she is also part of our clan. So, here is the rundown of the 7 people residing in this 4 bedroom, 1.5 bath, no basement home. 

  1. My husband, Aaron.  He is 36 years and 11 months old.  He stayed home with our children until they were all school aged, which was 9 years!! 9 years he made that sacrifice people! Anyway, he just returned to the workforce last April and happens to work with me😊 He is the Learning Center Supervisor at our local high school (in other words he monitors and assists students who are making up high school credits on an online program).  It is not his favorite thing to do but he connects well with the kids and they really enjoy him. I would describe Aaron as funny, silly, the fun one, loving, compassionate, caring and passionate about people knowing about the grace of God.  On the flip side, he is unmotivated, anxious, and not too quick to make decisions (which can be a positive and negative depending on the situation lol). I point out both the strengths and weaknesses to paint a better picture of who you are hearing about.  
  2. My mother in law, Nancy.  Nancy is 69 years old. She is a retired special education teacher of 30+ years.  She suffers with rheumatoid arthritis. She is currently trying to treat it with her diet, so some days are worse than others.  She has lost over 100 pounds in the last couple of years. I am so very proud of her! She is the sweetest lady you will meet. She has a huge heart and really sees the best in everyone, even those who really don’t exactly deserve it.  She is humble, loves the lord and quirky as they come. She is stubborn about her foods and diet and you can’t tell her much otherwise. She is super great at helping the kids out with school and tries her best to be helpful in any way possible.  Nancy works at the school with Aaron and I as a resource teacher for special education students. She is bored most days but is doing great with the kids she does get to see. 
  3. My sister in law, Sarah.  Sarah is 30 years old. She is a paraprofessional at a pre-school in a neighboring town.  She likes fancy things and has a head full of long beautiful RED hair! She doesn’t do a whole lot outside of work and stays in a lot, other than shopping…she does love to shop.  She is also very caring and has a soft heart. She helped care for her father before his terminal diagnosis. He had Parkinson’s for 15 years and needed lots of assistance. Hence the reason she still lived at home when we moved in.  Since he has passed, there has not been the opportunity for her to move out on her own. 
  4. My oldest daughter, Addison. Addie turned 10 in July and boy; you can tell she is entering the tween years.  The girl is very sweet and loving and wants to please us more than anything. She is very concerned for things to be right and fair and will see to it that things are the way they should be, according to what she believes.  She has the oldest child syndrome, something horrible. She has been referred to as bossy and told “it’s not your business” and “I don’t want your help” many times over. These are not things she likes to hear. However with her maturity I have been able to explain to her that her desire to set things right and make sure people are doing what they should is a very real strength and she needs to learn how to use it.  We are still learning. Beyond this, she loves to read, study about different animals and random facts and plays so well with her siblings…most of the time. She really likes to learn and I love that about her. Possibly the best thing about Addie is her ability to challenge me and make me a better mom and person. I am sure there will be several examples of this to come! 
  5. My middle child, Alaina.  Referred to as Laini (only at home per her request, because Alaina is MUCH more beautiful) just turned 9.  She is our mystery child. Just so many things about her do not fit any mold. She always keeps us on our toes .  She is artistic and sees things in a very different way than anyone else in the family. She loves me so very much and has cried many nights trying to explain how much she loves me, so much it hurts she says. 😊 She loves to be alone, although that doesn’t happen much. She enjoys electronics and any form of media, which we must limit constantly.  She really gets into graphic novels and any type of play that she can role play and be creative. Now, she has a dark side as we call it. Alaina has random outbursts and has a lot of trouble regulating her emotions. This causes some family strife, but we are learning each day how to help her and getting guidance from outside sources. 
  6. My youngest child, Parker.  Parker is a 7-year-old youngest, only boy child.  Enough said? He is pretty spoiled, and I find myself often treating him as if he is still my baby. Although he is great at communicating to me when I do so. He has learned the art of annoying his sisters, on purpose! Otherwise he is a mama’s boy to the core.  He loves to play with just about anything and is most active out of all the kids. He is just as funny as his dad and has oh so many questions about life. 
  7. And then there is me.  How does one describe themselves? Basically, I am 37 years old, I am a school counselor for high school students.  My passions include spending time with the Lord each morning, working out, running, setting and achieving goals, and special time with my family.  The downside of being a goal setter is being high strung. This is not a good combo with Aaron’s anxiety. I often am task oriented causing me to forget what is important in life, you know stop and smell the roses or even just stop and listen to what your child is trying to tell you. :/  Anyway, I am a broken work in progress, but the Lord loves and adores me anyway.  

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